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Eternal Network
Tadashi Kawamata

Eternal Network
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Founded in 1999 in Tours, France, the association ETERNAL NETWORK instigates and organises contemporary art projects, from conception to realisation and publicity.

The association is managed under the New Patrons programme (Nouveaux Commanditaires) of the Fondation de France (for the regions Central and Bretagne).

With a good knowledge of contemporary art, its individuals and institutions, ETERNAL NETWORK acts as cultural mediator, with the capacity to develop both private and public partnerships.

The principles which inform the activites of ETERNAL NETWORK and which have been proven by six years of experience, allow artistic creation in a far wider context than the just the museum or gallery space. Unlike the usual methods of supporting artistic production, the involvement of ETERNAL NETWORK places the emphasis on demand, rather than supply.


Anastassia Makridou-Bretonneau, co-directrice d'Eternal Network et Médiateur de l'action Nouveaux commanditaires

Céline Assegond, co-directrice d'Eternal Network
Eric Foucault coordinateur

Emilie Duval, formation continue
Emilie Lesne, formation continue
Marie Lozon de Cantelmi, formation continue
Alexandre Neveu, formation continue





Memory in progress
Tadashi Kawamata

Memory in progress